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Chickens On Kauai

On July 1st, Kauai enacted a new law addressing the growing problem of feral chickens on Kauai. Key provisions of the law include stricter penalties for feeding feral chickens and incentives for humane trapping and removal. The law further aims to control the feral chicken population, which has been increasing and causing various issues for residents, such as noise disturbances and damage to gardens and crops.

Residents are encouraged to report feral chicken sightings to designated authorities who will manage the capture and relocation efforts. The law also provides funding for community education programs to raise awareness about the impacts of feral chickens and the importance of not feeding them.

The new bill signed by Governor Josh Green requires the state Department of Agriculture and counties to implement feral chicken control programs in Hawaii. The bill is intended to address the issue of feral chickens, which are a common sight in public places like parking lots, parks, and neighborhoods. Chickens on Kauai can be a nuisance, destroying gardens and farm crops, and some say they’re noisy and dirty.

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