Comprehensive Resources for Princeville, Kilauea and Hanalei residents and visitors

Travel & Accommodation

Princeville and the North Shore of Kauai offers a wide collection of diverse accommodations for all tastes and group sizes.
Kauai Princeville weather

Kauai Princeville Weather

Princeville Weather Many consider Princeville’s weather to be the best on the planet. The sun shines almost every day, it rains almost every day and …

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Kauai Airport

Airlines that Serve the Kauai Airport of Lihue

Kauai Airport – Lihue When you touch down at the Kauai Airport in Lihue (LIH), you have landed in paradise. The Kauai airport is medium-sized …

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Kauai Princeville Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Kauai Princeville Hotels and Vacation Rentals There are 250 hotel rooms and another approximately 1,300 vacation rentals (houses and condos) available in Princeville every night. …

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Kauai Rental Cars
Driving in Kauai

Rental Cars & Driving in Kauai

Kauai Rental Cars & Driving on an Island General Driving Etiquette The island of Kaua’i is circular in shape with one main road connecting the …

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Princeville airport

Princeville Airport

Princeville Airport Princeville Airport (HPV), located 2 miles east of Princeville, opened in 1977 as a quasi-public general aviation airport.  In November 1983 Hurricane Iwa …

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Driving in Kauai

Driving Distances and Times

Driving distances and driving times to and from Princeville by car: North to: Hanalei 3 miles (~5 minutes) Haena 12 miles (~20 minutes) South to: …

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Streets in Princeville
Streets in Princeville

Streets in Princeville Wyllie, Kaui, Ka Haku and more

Streets in Princeville Princeville (zip code 96722) has fifty-five roads and streets, most of which have a Hawaiian name. For all the streets in Princeville …

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Kauai & Hawaii

Kauai Visitors Bureau

Kauai Visitors Bureau – A fantastic resource ! The Kauai Visitors Bureau (KVB) is Kauai’s official tourist information center. They provide an enormous amount of …

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Kauai bus

The Kauai Bus

Kauai Bus Addresses Many Problems Getting around the North Shore of Kauai can be challenging due to limited parking at various beaches and hiking trials, …

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1 Hotel Hanalei

1 Hotel Hanalei Welcomes Princeville Community Leaders

New 1 Hotel Hanalei – The new premier wellness sanctuary of the Hawaiian islands opens on the North Shore of Kauai on February 15th. Previously …

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