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Kauai North Shore Hiking Trails ~ Proposed Fee for Tourists to Use

Kauai Trails

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Hawaii’s, and especially Kauai’s, conservation needs are great. Hikers unknowingly bring invasive species on their boots, snorkelers trample on coral and tourists frequently harass dolphins, turtles and Hawaiian monk seals.

Hawaii lawmakers are considering legislation that would require tourists to pay for a yearlong license to visit state parks and trails. Currently Hawaii has almost 10 million visitors a year and this influx places a large burden on the Hawaii environment. The bill would require nonresidents 15 years and older visiting forests, parks, trails or “other natural area on state land” to pay between $50 – $100 (not yet finalized) for an annual license.

It is proposed that funds go into a “visitor impact fee special fund” to be managed by the state Department of Land and Natural Resources. Residents with a Hawaii driver license would be exempt.

Below a photo of the Kalalau Trail, one of the most sough-after Kauai North Shore hiking trails.

Kauai North Shore hiking trails

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