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New Kauai Online Charity Auction Hosted by North Shore Give

Kauai Online Charity Auction

~ Kauai Online Charity Auction ~

North Shore Give, a leading non-profit founded in 2012 under the name Kauai North Shore Community Foundation, launched a new Online Charity Auction. The auction goes live at northshoregive.org on Wednesday February 7th. Over 100 items are available for auction have been divided into eight categories namely Accommodation & Travel, Activities & Wellness, Arts, Books & Jewelry, Collectables and Experiences, Dining & Restaurants, Hawaii & Local, and Wine & Liquor.

Proceeds of the auction, which is expected to exceed $100,000, will be allocated towards various projects including the new Namahana School in Kilauea, other schools such as the Hanalei School and the Kauai Christian Academy, projects to help make the North Shore more resilient in case of a disaster, and so on.

For more details go to North Shore Give.

Please support the Kauai Online Charity Auction and bid on some available.

Donation can also be made by clicking here.




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