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Namahana School’s Special Use Permit Approved!

Namahana School

Big News for Namahana School

On December 12th, members of the Kauai County Planning Commission unanimously approved Namahana School’s application for a Class IV Zoning Permit, Use Permit, and Special Permit— the permits required to build and operate our school on our recently purchased land. The room was packed with members of our community who all enthusiastically support Namahana School’s mission. Powerful verbal testimony was given by community members— Kīlauea-based kūpuna, prospective students and parents, ʻāina-based education and community agriculture stakeholders. In addition to verbal testimony, over 40 letters of support were submitted prior to Tuesday’s hearing before the Planning Commission— ensuring a strong and substantial application.

What does this SUP approval mean? Now that we’re approved to build and operate a school facility on the parcel of land that we recently acquired (11.3 acres across the street from the Kīlauea Post Office), we are charging full speed ahead with fundraising and construction. Check out our website to learn about our Phase I plans, timeline and how you can help as we work towards a Fall 2025 opening of 7th and 8th grades!

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