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‘Reason for optimism’ as Maui ’s road to recovery takes shape

Lahaina after Maui Fire

Key points on Maui fire (courtesy of Real Estate News) ~

  • Damages from the wildfires, which destroyed around 2,220 structures, may run between $2-4 billion.
  • Compared to Hawaii’s last disaster of this magnitude, a hurricane which struck Kauai in 1992, the recovery may happen faster.
  • “We have a very good sense of the height of the hill we need to climb,” said CoreLogic’s VP of hazard and risk management.

Read their full story on Maui fire at https://www.realestatenews.com/2023/08/25/reason-for-optimism-as-mauis-road-to-recovery-takes-shape.

Our previous post on the Maui fire is here.

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