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Jeep car rental on Kauai

Rental Cars in Kauai & Driving on an Island

General Driving Etiquette

The island of Kaua’i is circular in shape with one main road connecting the North Shore and the West Side of the island. You cannot drive completely around the island. Remember driving on Kauai is not like driving on the mainland as most roadways are only two lanes, with little or no shoulder.  Please use caution and be respectful of pedestrians and bicyclist as Kauai is a small island community and locals are more relaxed and casual. Please allow a waiting car onto the roadways and please don’t honk your horn.

Hawaii law requires the use of a seat belt for all passengers; children until the age of eight or 80 lbs. are required to be in a child safety seat or booster and the use of cell phones while driving without a hands-free device is prohibited.

Kauai experiences constant road construction, accidents, and weather so tune into Kong Radio for updates; traffic updates and advisories are announced as needed on 93.5 FM and on AM 570. Kappa traffic can be avoided by using the alternate bypass roads. There are numerous one-lane bridges that are mostly found on the North Shore of the island from Hanalei to Haena. Local protocol is to proceed across the bridges 5-7 cars at a time. Priority is given to vehicles that arrive at the yield first.

Parking at various beaches and hiking trials are a challenge and some even require parking passes. Waiting lines at bridge crossings, for frequent roadworks can also be challenging. The County of Kauai has created an inexpensive alternative – The Kauai bus. This bus services all the main routes of the island and should be considered as a possible transport solution.

Roadmap for Rental Cars in Kauai

Rental Cars in Kauai
Rental Cars in Kauai

Highway Road Names

Hwy 50 -Kaumuali`i Hwy
Hwy 51 – Kapule Hwy
Hwy 56 – Kuhio Hwy
Hwy 58 – Nāwiliwili Road
Hwy 529 – Maluhia Road (Tunnel of Trees)
Hwy 530 -Koloa Road
HWY 540 – Halewili Rd
Hwy 550 – Waimea Canyon Drive
Hwy 552 – Kokee Road
Hwy 560 – Kuhio Hwy (continuation of Hwy 56)
Hwy 570 – Ahukini Road
Hwy 580 – Kuamo`o
Hwy 581 – Kamalu Road – Olohena Road
Hwy 583 – Ma`alo Road

Popular Companies that have Rental Cars in Kauai  (at Lihue Airport)

Advantage Rent A Car
3273 Hoolimalima Place
(800) 777-5500
Hours: 8:00AM – 3:00PM

Avis Car Rental
3259 Hoolimalima Place
(808) 245-7995
Hours: 6:00AM – 11:00PM

Alamo Rent A Car
3276 Hoolimalima Place
(844) 914-1551
Hours: 6:00AM – 10:45PM

Budget Car Rental
3285 Hoolimalima Place
(808) 245-9031
Hours: 6:00AM – 11:00PM

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
3276 Hoolimalima Place
(844) 914-1553
Hours: 6:00AM – 10:45PM

Hertz Car Rental
3250 Hoolimalima Place
(808) 245-3356
Hours: 6:00AM – 11:00PM

National Car Rental
3276 Hoolimalima Place
(844) 914-1552
Hours: 6:00AM – 11:00PM

Payless Car Rental
3285 Hoolimalima Place
(808) 245-9395
Hours: 6:00AM – 11:00PM

Thrifty Car Rental
3250 Hoolimalima Place
(808) 245-3652
Hours: 6:00AM – 10:45PM

Other Rental Cars in Kauai Options

Alii Rental Cars
Aloa Car Rentals
Dollar Car Rental
Economy Rent-A-Car
Island Rental Cars
Pipu Rental Car
SUV Rental
Kauai Car Rental
Kauai Rent A Car
Rent A Car Kauai
Rent-A-Wreck Kauai
Rent n’ Go Kauai

List of the Radio Stations that serve the North Shore of Kauai or listen to our selection of the best music and songs from Hawaii or about Hawaii while driving rental cars in Kauai.


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