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Princeville Weather Month by Month

Many consider Princeville’s weather to be the best on the planet. The sun shines almost every day, it rains almost every day and you get to see a rainbow almost every day. Kauai’s climate is typical for the tropics, although temperatures and humidity tend to be less extreme because of the near-constant trade winds from the east. Princeville temperatures are very consistent with highs in the mid-80s and low in the high 60s, almost the entire year-round. Absolutely paradise weather in Princeville and most of the North Shore.

Most of Hawaii experiences only two seasons; the dry season running from May to October and the wet season from October to April; although Princeville is blessed with a consistent 6 inches or so of rain every month.

It is true that island of Kauai is one of the wettest places on earth, so planning a trip, any time of the year, without rain is near impossible. Just embrace it! It comes quick and disappears as quickly again. Always pack a raincoat or just accept being soaked.

Princeville weather stats, as at middle of each month, for the month, are:

Low Temperature High Temperature Sunrise Sunset Length of day Rainfall (inches)
January 62 78 7:19 am 6:16 pm 10:56 7
February 62 79 7:08 am 6:35 pm 11:27 6
March 63 78 6:45 am 6:47 pm 12:02 7
April 64 80 6:16 am 6:58 pm 12:41 6
May 66 81 5:57 am 7:11 pm 13:13 5
June 68 84 5:54 am 7:23 pm 13:29 4
July 68 85 6:03 am 7:24 pm 13:21 6
August 69 85 6:15 am 7:08 pm 12:52 6
September 69 85 6:25 am 6:40 pm 12:15 6
October 68 83 6:34 am 6:12 pm 11:37 7
November 67 80 6:51 am 5:54 pm 11:03 10
December 64 78 7:10 am 5:57 pm 10:46 8

Outside resources for Princeville weather by month:

10-day forecast for Hanalei courtesy of the Weather Channel
Today, Tonight and Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast by Accuweather 

Good weather today? Hit the beaches or hiking trails.

Princeville weather by month
Princeville weather by month

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