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Schools - Diversity

Schools on the North Shore

There are currently two schools on the North Shore of Kaua’i. One is the Kilauea Christian School and the other is the Hanalei Elementary School. A third school was recently approved and is slated to accept its first students (7th and 8th grade) in the fall of 2025.

Kilauea Christian School

Widely referred to as the Kilauea Christian School, its correct name is actually the Kauai Christian Academy (KCA). KCA exists to provide an academically excellent, Christ-centered education for the families of Kaua’i. It is the only accredited PreK – 12th grade Christian school on the island of Kauai. KCA is an independent Christian school. Faculty and board members attend many different churches on island including Calvary Chapel, Kauai Christian Fellowship, Anahola Baptist Church, Amazing Grace Baptist Church, Kapaa Missionary, Kauai Baptist Church, and more.

Kilauea Christian School
Kauai Christian Academy (also known as the Kilauea Christian School)

The campus is located on a beautiful 10 acre property on the way to the scenic Kilauea Lighthouse. The Academy inspires the hearts and minds of preschoolers through 12th graders with a balance of truth and love, in a safe, nurturing environment that produces outstanding students. The School has just over 100 students.

Transportation, to and from school, is available in the school’s 15-passenger vans. Pick-up and drop-off is currently located in Kapaa.

Kauai Christian Academy
4000 Kilauea Road

For more information visit

Hanalei School

Hanalei School is a public K-6 school located in Hanalei.  The School has around 245 students in grades Kindergarten to 6th.  Active parent involvement, strong community support, dedicated teachers and staff, and great enrichment programs have combined to create a unique learning environment and a special community of learners.

Few schools have the history that Hanalei Elementary School has. It has been been part of the Kaua’i North Shore community since 1881.


Schools on the North Shore
The Hanalei School

5-515 Kuhio Highway
(808) 826-4300

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Nanahana Public School

North Shore schools recently underwent a major boast when The Hawai‘i State Public Charter School Commission in June 2022 granted approval for the Namahana School to be constructed. This future tuition-free public charter school for 7th grade through 12th has been the dream for many North Shore families. This fills a longstanding need for tuition-free schools beyond the sixth grade on Kaua‘i’s North Shore. Currently, all children in the region must travel to Kapa‘a Middle School or beyond to access public education following elementary school, the commission said in a release. This involves commutes that can add up to 1.5 hours each way, as well as restricting opportunities for them and their families to engage with sports and other school activities.

Schools - Future School
Building site for future Nanahana School

The prospect of additional schools on the North Shore of Kauai took a giant step forward in 2018, when philanthropist Joan Porter—who founded the Anaina Hou Community Park with her late husband, Bill Porter—granted the Kauai North Shore Community Foundation (KNSCF) a 99-year license for eight acres of land at the Wai Koa Plantation in Kilauea conditioned on the exclusive use of the site for a tuition-free public charter school.

KNSCF then engaged Community Engagement Specialists Kapua Chandler and Jen Luck who spent many months taking the pulse of the community through dozens of listening sessions and small community gatherings of community members and kupuna. In all, more than 200 individuals took part in the community engagement process.

Namahana School plans to welcome its first cohort of students in grades seven and eight in the fall of 2025. For more information visit


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